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The logistics and transportation sector is one of the most difficult industries to manage in the country because of the numerous companies that utilize various methods and techniques in handling goods and other deliveries from one point to another. Although rules and laws have been existing for a long time, whether you are a company that provides Amsterdam city trips, manufacturing goods or raw materials, Amsterdam Heineken experiences, or offering micromanagement deliverables and other products, organization is still needed to make sure that all of the companies that perform transport and logistics will participate and follow the set rules and guidelines.

Logistics and Transportation

Logistics, transportation, and supply chain management cover a wide range of industries. Whether you are a tracking agency, a manufacturing plant, a power plant, or a commercial company, you will always have a section or department that deals with logistics and transport of goods. You need to transfer your products or raw materials from one part of your business to another. And you need to have a set of guidelines and rules that you will follow as a company. It is abiding by the regulations created and enforced by the government to ensure that your operation goes smoothly and without any problems or hassle.



We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nongovernment association that deals with all the aspects of the logistics and transportation in companies. We have established this organization so that different companies that are members of this group will have someone and something to rely on when an issue or a challenge concerning logistics and transportation arises.

This organization abides by all laws and regulations of the government. We have followed the rules of the industry to create an official organization that can be the umbrella association for all companies that have logistics and transportation businesses.

The members

Since being established in 1988, we have been the association that companies go to when they want to clear out rules and regulations related to logistics and transportation. From Amsterdam bike rentals to cheap Amsterdam hotels, we can handle all cases concerning this part of the industry. Currently, we have thousands of members from different companies in the Netherlands that benefit from being part of the organization.

The benefits

The association has gained momentum in the last few years because of being recognized as the group to go to in terms of training and development of leaders and instructors for logistics and transportation. We have applied and have been approved by the government to train and produce VBN-BV accredited instructor for different courses of logistics. From the use of supply chain management tools and equipment to the modification of currently established processes, your company can bring your managers and expert personnel to us in order to be trained of the latest technology and operation in the industry today. This will not only help you become more efficient and effective in your own company but it will also help all your personnel understand the whole process of transport and logistics.


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