About Us

VBN-BV is a nonprofit organization that aims to push forward different regulations and rules that govern our website visitors who are involved in the transportation and logistics section of our society. We are able to build a website because of the combined efforts of public officials, private personalities, experts, and other skilled personnel who operates different processes that govern and utilize transportation and logistics.

Who we are

As an association of both public and private citizens of the Netherlands, the members of the association take an active part in the development and improvement of all laws and programs related to transportation and logistics. We come from all various sectors of the supply chain management departments who have the knowledge and the skills to understand the whole role of the government in handling all logistics and transportation of the country.

What we offer

First of all, we offer free membership to our organization. We encourage everyone who can help in the endeavor of our organization to sign up and be part of the advocacy of this group. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial your part will be in building a great environment for the transportation and logistics of the society.

We also offer sponsorships from both private companies and brands. Although we serve no particular party in the country, we still foster relationships and active participation of the private brands not only in the Netherlands but also from other people from other countries. We guarantee you that your investment in us will continue to pay off.