Most frequent questions and answers

VBN-BV is a nonprofit association that aims to create an organized setting for all the members of the logistics and transportation department. We continue to build a website so that logistics and the supply chain management in the Netherlands is regulated and controlled by safe rules that are followed and maintained by the members who are all public and private companies.

If you belong to a company that has a core operation that works in the logistics and transportation industry, then you can be a member of this association. It does not matter how big or how small your company is. You can be in charge of huge deliverables during a customer’s Amsterdam city trip. You can be part of delivering goods on a dinner cruise in Amsterdam. All of these tasks belong to a section of the industry that requires top management and accurate processes.

We have a lot of perks and benefits as a member of this organization. For one, you will have access to thousands of members who are willing to share the insights and the solutions that they have done to specific problems in the industry. The organization also provides education and conferences that are geared toward continuous improvement in logistics.

We conduct conferences all year round. You can take a look at our yearly calendar schedule to have a grasp of the different forms of education that you can benefit from. We have conference topics that mainly deal with logistics, the supply chain management, the laws that govern industries, the collaborations that you can do with other companies, and more.

We foster leadership and training in this association. This is why we are focusing on the chosen individual to lead us to the next generation of logistics and transportation. We are developing leaders who can train other leaders to manage their companies in terms of their logistics and supply chain section. After you finish the course, you will be recognized as a VBN-BV instructor.

We have thousands of experts and professionals in the field of transportation and logistics. You can check out our list on a separate page.